BEx Report: No applicable data found

When SAP BW on HANA is used, the ‘No applicable data found’ error in BEx can be seen quite often (even when data are inside the reporting object and should be visible).BEx - No applicable data found

This error can occur when data into data store object in BW are loaded from SAP HANA data model through composite provider. The setup can be:

Hana View – Composite Provider – Advanced DSO – BEx report.

When model like in above example is used, SIDs for loaded data are not created and that’s the reason for no applicable data found error in BEx report. Fortunately it can be easily solved by using BW RSRV transaction, with test Foreign key relationship of reporting-relevant DataStore object and SID table characteristics test.


In the test the data source must be chosen (ADSO) and then test can be executed. If SIDs are missing, the log would show details: how many SIDs are missing and for which characteristics.

RSRV - Log

After the test is done, errors can be corrected (in that case, SIDs can be recreated). On the main screen of the RSRV there is correct error button which will solve the issue with No applicable data found.

RSRV - log

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