HANA Composite Provider – new column with constant value

Till BW 7.5 SP7, there is no obvious way to add new column with constant value in a BW on HANA composite provider.

Let’s take the example: as a source for composite provider, you are using HANA view where one of Key Figures is Amount. The value is in EUR currency and because the currency field is not in HANA view, you would like to add it on the composite provider to see currency on the report later.

How to do that?

One option: create calculated column in view, set the constant EUR value for that column. It’s easy, but then you are storing one additional column which is not needed in view.

Second option: create new currency column and assign constant value on composite provider.

The way of achieving that looks like workaround but at least it is working.

1. Drag and drop any characteristic from source to target in composite provider.

2. Right click on target column, select ‘Assign Constant…’,

3. Right click on column with constant assignment (again) and select edit. Change the setting to use new field – currency.

After that you have new column – 0CURRENCY – which was not in the source view. The value for 0CURRENCY is constant (EUR).

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