SAP HANA Transport for ABAP

Keeping a consistent way of objects transportation is one of the challenges while using SAP BW on HANA. All classic BW objects, as well as HANA optimized BW objects (ADSOs, Composite Providers) are transported in BW transportation system. To keep integrity and consistent transportation queue,  SAP Hana Views can be transported in BW as well. This can be obtained in SCTS_HTA BW transaction.

Having opened SCTS_HTA, SAP HANA package must be chosen.

On the next screen, all views from chosen package are listed.

Yellow triangle in Status column gives information that this particular view has been changed since the latest transport.

To add selected HANA views to transport request, select views (first column) and click F8 / Clock Icon (Synchronize SAP HANA repository to ABAP). The selected views will be added to the workbench transport.

The transport with HANA views is processed like any other workbench transport.

In the transport requests, HANA Packages are HOTP objects and HANA Views are HOTO objects (can be checked for example in SE01, SE09 t-codes).

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