Hana Studio Tips & Tricks: Lineage

Graphical calculation views can be very complex – when a view consist of many nodes (joins, unions, projections), it is difficult to find what is the source (table, another view) of the field is.

When you need to find the original value, which is common during troubleshooting, it is not convenient to click from node to node to find the source table or the source view.

In such cases Show Lineage button is helpful.

Enable Lineage for HANA Graphical View

The option is available on semantics (always the last component of calculation view). After activating Show Lineage button, the path for the selected field is marked in orange:

  1. Open view semantics.
  2. Select the field (line on right side).
  3. Click Show Linage.

The path is marked like in the picture below.

Lineage for HANA Graphical View

To close lineage just click the blue bar in the upper part of the view.

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