SAP HANA – data import from file

In SAP BW instant data load from Excel or from CSV file is quite tiring, especially when it’s one time load for testing purposes or Proof of Concept.

Fortunately in SAP HANA there is easy and convenient way of data import from file.

Using Import Data from Local file you can:

  • Import CSV or Excel files;
  • Create new table as a target or use existing one.

When you file is ready, to import it to SAP HANA using HANA Studio:

1. Select File – Import – SAP HANA Content – Data from Local File.

2. Choose target system where you would like to import data.

3. Choose source file (from computer).

4. Define file details (field delimiter, header row, start and end line).

5. Select existing target table or create new one: if you use BW on HANA,  as a target table ADSO table can be used.

a. If you use existing tables and you have the same column names in file, the best option is to use Map by Name function.

b. If you don’t wan’t to map all columns, use can right click on target table and select ‘Make as constant’ option.

6. After setting the mapping click next to see the summary. Click finish – and your data are ready to be used and analysed inside HANA.

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