SAP Hana Studio: Data Preview

Data Preview functionality allows users to check view results directly in HANA Studio. By default, just after selecting Data Preview – Raw Data, results data are displayed immediately. It can be inconvenient only when you are previewing huge data set or if you would like to filter data before previewing them.

The default behavior of Data Preview can be changed in Window – Preferences – SAP HANA – Modeler – Data Preview – Execute the default query on data preview.

If Execute the default query on data preview checkbox is not checked, when you select Data Preview – Raw Data, data will not be displayed immediately, but only after selecting Execute button.

Before selecting Execute button you can apply filter on your data set, but be careful with Show list of values option on a large data sets – in fact it will execute the query. In such cases the best option is to manually put filter value.

In Data Preview preferences also the maximum number of rows for data preview can be changed. By default it can’t be greater than 5000, but in the preference window No Limit option can be selected.

Having set that option, you can determine any Max rows number in Data Preview screen.


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